The Design Studio

The Falkland Islands are no longer thought of as a remote island off Scotland! They are gaining worldwide recognition for their outstanding beauty, flora and fauna.

8901© is working with Falkland Collectibles to open up the existing product range to meet an ever increasing demand for all things Falkland Island-ish!

Understanding the market has meant that it is not just enthusiasts that Falkland Island products are appealing to and the demand is no longer restricted to traditional products. 8901© is helping Falkland Collectibles make this transition to meet the demands of this larger client base by providing images to increase the range.

One such product that Falkland Collectibles has commissioned, is a seasonal range of Christmas cards. These will be available imminently to buy from us directly with a donation from every purchase going to charity. Please use the Contact us page for enquiries.

Click the link to view the Falkland Collectibles website.