The Design Studio

We are two sisters, Stephanie Baylis-Crisp and Jenny McCormick who together have a combined background in Art, Design and Marketing.

We started out designing with Armed Forces charities in mind and this is still a major part of who we are, yet our designs have been so popular that we are also designing for other charities and also non-charitable organisations.

Originally from an Army background ourselves, we were raised as civilians in the Falkland Islands. It was here that we gained an immense appreciation and respect for our Armed Forces. We wish to give something back to those servicemen, and their families, who have done so very much for us and continue to do so to this day.

The company name 8901© is itself tribute to the Royal Marine detachment that was sent to the Falklands prior to the conflict and with which we still have strong emotional and physical ties. Stephanie also went on to become an Armed Forces wife herself, marrying a Royal Marine.